Collaborative Paper Sculpture Lesson Idea #1

For my work with the Vancouver Biennale, I’ve been collecting lesson ideas for creating collaborative paper sculptures. I’ve come across a couple interesting possibilities, one of which is pictured above. I found this lesson idea on a blog called color, collage, and much more. The teacher who developed this lesson was inspired by a mural and installation by street artist, Swoon, that she went to see with her students at the Institute for Contemporary Art in Boston. Swoon’s work was created using intricately cut paper. It covered a wall and incorporated 3D sculptural elements (look here for images).

For the lesson, fifth grade students cut out paper shapes using stencils that they had created. They were grouped at tables with either warm or cool coloured materials. The only criteria that they had was that the pieces that they individually created had to be joined together, in the end, to create one collaborative sculpture. I think that the results were quite interesting! Look here for a full description of the lesson, and for more images.